Family Health and Nutrition Information

This site is dedicated to providing good and accurate information on health, fitness and nutrition for everyone in the family. Although the name of the site may suggest that advice will be given, it is not our intention to dish-out advice to anyone. Our motivation is to gather, discuss and disseminate health-related information for our own family members and for anyone else who may have an interest.

Most of the topics shared and discussed within these pages are drawn from our experiences and interests. These health and fitness related topics do not necessarily follow any predetermined set of requirements and they definitely will not be comprehensive in nature. The topics are purely a compendium of materials that we were able to find during the course of our research and are not intended to be journalistic in nature.

We share medical information but we do not provide medical advice. We write about medical conditions and nutrition needs that have directly affected the lives of our own family. In essence, in some ways, this site is like a journal of family medical history.

For any topic that we share, it is very likely that more details and updated information can be found at the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) or the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM).

If you are afflicted with a certain medical condition and would like to share your experiences, we would be happy to publish your  thoughts. We also draw our experiences on natural remedies including supplements. We would open to your knowledge and experiences on natural medicine and homeopathic methods, as well. Some topics of interest pertaining men's health such as prostate cancer, sex and libido issues, heart disease, and even hair-loss are also welcomed. Other conditions pertaining to women's health and children's health are welcomed, as well.

Of course, other general medical conditions such as obesity (and ways to achieve long-term weight loss), fertility, heart diseases, all types of cancers and even your experiences with the common cold or flu would also be good candidates. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in sharing your thoughts and experiences.